Matt and Luke

Art Work



2017 Artwork created for Matt and Luke's first official music video!

Luke's Video Artwork

(The bat, the rainbow butterfly and the shark by Luke. Musical notes by Matt)


Death Donut by Luke Thomas

(Luke's Death Donut character from "Luke's Books" (Copyright 2017).

Matt's Flying Dragon

(Matt's Flying Dragon appears in their first official music video as well as the original album cover).


The first masterpiece:


Crayon on Staples Multi-Use paper

Daddy "Peace" begins the piece by showing Matt and Luke the use of shapes as an effective tool in creating art. If you look beneath the color and dynamic hues of the crayons Matt and Luke so elegantly use... you will find a blue house made up of a rectangle, squares and a triangle! A partial circle creates the sun and circles and ovals create a human face. With this image it is very clear that Matt and Luke are exclaiming to the world: "I want to play outside in the sunshine"!

Estimated value: Priceless

Signed by Daddy Mark "Peace" Thomas legal guardian and comes with bonus art on back of page!


Piece 2:

"Two Suns"

Crayon on Staples Multi-Use paper

Matt and Luke are represented as "two suns" making the world a warmer and brighter place.

Estimated Value: Priceless


Piece 3:

"Luke's Dragon"

Crayon on Staples Multi-Use paper

Super Luke Artwork for Let Your Imagination Fly Cover

Artwork created by "Super Luke" for the digital album cover for the single: "Let Your Imagination Fly (Single Version)" on Peaceful Pop Records.

Estimated Value: If you have to ask, you cannot afford it.


Matt Thomas "Volcano Dragon" and "Flying Dragon" artwork specifically created for the song: "Let Your Imagination Fly (Single Version)" digital album cover released on Peaceful Pop Records.


Let Your Imagination Fly Children's EDM Anthem on Peaceful Pop Records

The first single from the 8-year old duo: Super Luke and Matt Thomas. Cover artwork by Matt and Luke. Photograph and Design by: DJ Peace

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